Dress Code for Students

Why do we have a dress code? And why does The Dans Company require each of our students to dress in a uniform way? 


The most important reason is exactly that– uniform! A dress code helps each student feel like they are part of a team, among many other important reasons such as: 


  • A dress code eliminates many distractions associated with clothing: who’s wearing what, fixing and pulling on clothes, and comparison in regards to whose clothing may be seen as “better.” 
  • Uniformity encourages a team-spirit type of unity that brings students together toward a common goal. 
  • Close-fitting clothing lets instructors and assistants see how a dancer’s body is aligned and if their technique is correct. They cannot learn if the teacher cannot see how they are moving! 
  • The dress code holds each student to the same standard of dress, helping them into the mindset that this is a time to focus and grow. 
  • Having a standard of dress encourages responsibility and builds the skills students need to present themselves with excellence. 
  • Our dress code allows the focus to be on dancing and working hard instead of someone’s hair or clothes. 


Here are the specific guidelines for The Dans Company students: 


Young Ladies: 

    • Black leotard 
    • Black shorts or ballet skirt (optional) 
    • Black, pink, or tan tights, preferably transition tights (holes in bottoms of feet)
    • Appropriate footwear 
    • Hair pulled away from face 
    • No watches, bulky jewelry, dangle earrings, etc. 


Young Men: 

    • Tight-fitting shirt 
    • Shorts or slim-fitting pants 
    • Appropriate footwear 
    • Hair out of eyes 
    • No watches, bulky jewelry, dangle earrings, etc.