TDC Competition Team

Try Outs

Auditions are currently closed for TDC’s competition team. Auditions will reopen in the summer of 2021.

Dancers interested in trying out for our next season will have the opportunity to join with returning team members in four weeks of classes.  These classes will involve a technique class, combinations, and skills in each session.  New students will also need to schedule a time to perform a piece for the staff before or after one of the sessions. Seeing new dancers work with our current team and give us an example of their favorite piece will help us to place them with our groups.  This is a different form of team tryouts than we have held before.  There will be teachers observing each of the class sessions along with the instructor leading.  We hope that the dancers can make all four sessions, however there is no penalty for going on family vacations!  

If you have questions, let us know.


☐  There will be required and optional summer lessons that students will attend in preparation for the season.

☐  Some students will be chosen as alternates for groups.  They will learn the routines and may or may not be given the chance to compete them.

☐  During the season, students will have options for technique times.  Each student is required to attend 90 minutes or more weekly to participate in team. They are allowed to come to any number of tech classes during the week.

☐  The handbook will need to be reviewed and signed by each member.  This will be given to you at tryouts.

☐  Participation in 3-4 competitions as determined by director. Other performances may be assigned throughout the season.


☐  Students must have 2 years of dance experience to audition for the team.

☐  Students must understand that this is a privilege, not a right to be on the competition dance team.

☐  Respect during classes is essential. Students will be expected to have a positive attitude and act appropriately or they will be asked to leave practice. Ongoing issues may result in dismissal.

☐  Students will follow dress code and behavior code given via the handbook.

☐  Attendance is essential for the team to be successful.  School required events are excused but all other absences are to be reviewed by director in advance.


☐  Each competition routine that a dancer participates in will have the following fees:

  • Choreography- varies by routine and choreographer. This is split between students.
  • Costumes – Costume deposit of $100 is due September 1. Invoices will be sent for balances.
  • Competition – Each competition and their group routines vary in fees.
  • Group routines range from $30-$50 per routine, per competition.
  • Duo/trio and solo fees range from $60-$110 per student and are by instructor invite only.

☐  Tuition will be based on the number of hours spent in the studio and split up in 9 months. This will be determined by the number of routines your dancer will participate in.

☐  Shoes – Dancers go through many shoes during the season.  This is the parents’ responsibility to communicate to the director that new ones are needed.  Competition costumes require shoes that the student may not currently have. You will be directed on how to purchase these.

☐  Competition fees will be higher than rec dance fees.  This should be considered as you determine your level of commitment. There are no scholarships or discounts for competition dance.  There are scholarships available for rec dance.

Some students will be chosen to help in classes of rec and comp students.  This will receive a credit per month applied to dancer’s tuition.

Students unable to attend the auditions will be invited to make an appointment to audition for the team with the teachers or submit a video audition.  Please contact Amanda with any questions at