Class Descriptions

Dance Combo Classes: For our younger dancers classes are combined to help your schedule.  Ballet and tap will be explored in each of these combos determined by age group.  They are 45 or 60 minute classes.  Ballet and tap shoes are necessary for this class.

Ballet: The basis for all of our dance training is required to take any other classes in dance at TDC.  It is imperative for a dancer to have a strong technical ballet background to move into other genres of dance.

Pointe: Advanced ballet students who have passed a physical ballet test in the summer and are 13 by the end of the 1st semester may be referred by an instructor to pointe class.

Tap: The sensory stimulation that tap gives a dancer is an important developmental piece to dance training.  We start each of our youngest dancers with tap for many reasons.  It builds rhythm,  musicality, and body awareness.

Jazz: Jazz dance relies heavily on classical ballet training and is an add on to ballet class after 1st grade or if an instructor refers a student in 1st grade at TDC. We prefer that first year students take at least a year of ballet before beginning jazz.

Hip Hop: Hip Hop has become a popular form of dance derived from street dancing.  It is also an add-on class after 1st grade or by teacher referral in 1st grade at TDC.

Cheer: As cheer leading teams have become very popular across the country and schools give clinics each season to little ones, there has been a rise in the desire for training in this area.  Cheer classes will include basic techniques, stunting, and sideline routines. At this point TDC does not compete in cheer.

Drill Team Prep: We have very successful drill teams in each of our surrounding area schools!  To support the development of all of these teams, we have developed a new class to help prepare students for auditioning, participating and finding success on a drill team.  This is for Middle School and high school students.

TDC Competition Team

Try Outs Auditions are currently closed for TDC’s competition team. Auditions will reopen in the summer of 2021. Dancers interested in trying out for our next season will have the opportunity to join with returning team members in four weeks of classes.  These classes will involve a technique class, combinations, and skills in each session. … Continue reading TDC Competition Team

Recreational Classes

Recreational dance classes are for designed for dancers looking to improve their personal skill and include the enjoyment of the art of dance in their life. 3 and 4 year olds – Combination classes including beginning ballet, tumbling and tap technique mixed with games and fun.  This is a 45 minute class and kids need… Continue reading Recreational Classes

Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Class Descriptions: Pre-school Students will be introduced to tumbling through fun stations and obstacle courses designed to teach the correct body shapes and promote strength, balance and flexibility.  Students will be introduced to the following skills: Levers, forward rolls, table tops, mini cartwheels, barrel rolls, and various jumps. PreK – Kindergarten Similar to the… Continue reading Tumbling Classes

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