Important Update Regarding Classes

Dear TDC Family, 
We have an update! After the Governor’s proclamation on Monday, there was some confusion surrounding how the new restrictions affect dance and gymnastics studios specifically. After working together with other studios in the area and speaking with Governor Reynolds’ staff, we have the go-ahead to resume classes! 

The main reasoning behind Governor Reynolds’ proclamation was to lessen the number of large group gatherings. As stated in the email quoted below, when a class or activity is conducted in a manner that ensures social distancing, it becomes classified under this proclamation as an individual sport, rather than a group sporting or recreational gathering. Maintaining the 6 foot rule is something we were already doing, along with other precautions. 
In reopening, we will continue to take the same precautions as before. Dance and tumbling families, please see your email inbox for more information.
Below is the quoted message from Logan Shine, Governor Reynolds’ Legislative Liaison. 

“If the dance, gymnastics, or martial arts activities are conducted in such a manner that six feet of social distancing is maintained at all times from the other participants, then they are considered individual sporting and recreational activities and may still occur. No group activities that involve close contact within six feet are permitted, or else it would become a group sporting or recreational gathering. Competitions involving these activities would also be group gatherings that are prohibited. But classes that maintain six feet of social distancing are not prohibited by the proclamation.”

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and kindness during this time!

Please let us know if you have any questions.