Classes Suspended Until Dec. 10

Dear TDC Family,

Per Governor Reynolds’ latest proclamation (Nov 16), regularly scheduled tumbling and dance classes at TDC will be suspended until December 10th.
We as a staff will work through the details and bring you further information as it becomes available.
Information is listed below if you are interested in reading.

Thank you,
The Dans Company Staff

Section Six:
C. Sporting and recreational gatherings
Except for high school, collegiate, or professional sporting or recreation gatherings, all sporting or recreational gatherings of any size are prohibited. This includes youth and adult group sporting and recreational activities, including but not limited to group swimming lessons, swim teams, dancing, gymnastics, organized basketball games, This does not prohibit individual sporting and recreational activities.

Measures effective at 12:01am Tuesday November 17
and will continue until 11:59pm December 10.

Link to proclamation.

Link to summary.