Parent Watch Weeks

Dance Parents are invited to watch their students’ classes during the week of December 11-14!

Tumbling Parents are invited to their students’ classes during the week of December 18-21!

Here is the scoop:

We don’t have the parking or seating space for tumbling and dance to be on the same weeks.  Hopefully we have great weather, otherwise we will postpone until after Christmas break.

Some classes will have routines, combinations or beginnings of recital dances ready to showcase.  Other classes will simply take you through their class time and see how they operate.  Each of these options are great and determined by the individual teacher.

Please understand that shoes have to be removed or covered to enter the studio rooms.  The windows will be open from the lobby and even the windows in the front studio are places to watch from.

Please be courteous of one another and the teacher/students.  This is a time for you to see what they have been working on. This is a fun time to cheer on your student!